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I design One.of.a.Kind jewelry. It is all custom & handmade. Each piece is separate & distinct. If you find a piece of jewelry on my website that is sold, I may be able to make something similar but it will not be an exact replica. There is no factory here. Each piece is lovingly assembled.

FROM HOBBY TO BUSINESS - I take water aerobics with many women at the Michigan Athletic Club. There are more than 90 women in all of the classes. They have become great friends and generous customers. It was when I started making LOTS of jewelry for them that I realized I have a great customer base and the best marketing models available. Word of mouth - that's how my business has grown.

CUSTOM DESIGNED JEWELRY – Because of the nature of my business, many of my clients desire to work together to help design their own custom jewelry. I welcome this work and find it to be a very rewarding partnership. My consultation includes the selection of materials, colors, & design. A special description about the personal creation and materials accompanies the designed piece(s). This is often a meaningful option for weddings or other special celebrations. Contact us for custom orders


HARDWEAR - is my new line of bold re-purposed jewelry made from hardware, recycled & industrial materials. My most popular collection is the distinctive Wing nut necklaces, bracelets & earrings. In addition to wingnuts, components consist of springs of all sizes, windshield wiper tubing, yellow gas line & bright blue air hose. Pendants are made of springs, door jams, pullies, padlocks, lockets, hooks, hinges, stones, slag & other funky stuff.

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ONE.OF. A. KIND NATURE-INSPIRED JEWELRY - Some of the most beautiful and striking jewelry in the world comes from nature. I am inspired by nature, especially the breath-taking beauty of the Hawaiian Islands. My jewelry features semi-precious stones with authentic Kukui Nuts, seeds, beans and distinctive beads. My creations blend the beauty of nature with contemporary design. Some of my favorite materials are formed by natural processes; each piece has a distinctive and dramatic appearance.

My creations utilize authentic KUKUI (Koo-koo-ee) NUTS. I love working with them because they consist of 50% oil and when polished make spectacular shiny black & brown beads. The exotic “Tiger Kukui Nuts are my favorite. When the nuts fall from the tree, the Kukuis lose their oil and naturally turn an exotic black and white color. I thread the Kukuis on the jewelry cord with a needle. Other natural materials include FLAT SEA BEANS that fall from the vine into streams and wash up on beaches where they are gathered.

SEMI-PRECIOUS STONES - I am so inspired by all of the wildly beautiful lines, shapes and patterns of semi-precious stones! Some of my favorites stones are Agates, Aventurine, Cat's Eye, Jasper, Obsidian, Russian Serpentine & Turquoise. Although I have designed many pieces of jewelry with these great stones, no two are ever the same.

STURDY STRETCHY JEWELRY CORD - Many of my necklaces & all of my bracelets are strung on a strong stretchy jewelry cord for convenience. Just put the necklace over your head or place a bracelet on your wrist and you are good to go. If I need to use a clasp, they are large & easy to attach. My earrings are made with lever back clasps, which distribute the weight making it more comfortable on the earlobe. Additionally, the clasp prevents the earrings from getting lost.

SHOP LOCAL - Although I purchase many of my semi-precious stones and natural materials on the web, I shop local as much as possible. I love going to Habitat for Humanity store, the Creation Station and the local hardware store! I purchase my lovely Michigan Petoskey & Favocite stones from my great friends & early promoters at Absolute Gallery in Old Town Lansing. I am also delighted to have my jewelry available at the Katalyst Art Gallery & Gift Boutique, 1214 Turner Street, Old Town Lansing, MI 517-708-8916.


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