About This Piece

Kobalt Blue air hose necklace & bracelet with large nut separators makes a strong, colorful statement. It is strung on a strong stetchy nylon cord that may be placed over the head for easy fastening. No hassle with clasps.

NOTE: Every necklace is custom & handmade. Materials may vary. For more HardWear contact me at wagnersue@yahoo.com. Please leave your phone number.

Hardwear Collection

HardWear is my new line of bold re-purposed jewelry made from hardware & recycled materials. My most popular collection is the distinctive WingNut necklaces, bracelets & earrings. Other components consists nuts & springs of all sizes, grommets, windshield wiper tubing, etc. Pendants are made of springs, pullies, padlocks, brackets, lockets, hooks, slag & other funky stuff.

Blue Air Hose Necklace

Kolbalt blue never looked so good!

18.00 inches
Blue & silver