About This Piece

This necklace features a large contemporary red, green, blue, yellow & black pendant. It has multi-colored matching square glass beads. It is made with strong nylon cord that goes over your head. No hassle with clasps.

Materials will vary. For futher information contact me at wagnersue@yahoo.com & please include your phone number.

NOTE: Every necklace is custom & handmade.

Dichroic Glass

Dichroic glass is glass containing multiple micro-layers of metal oxicides which give the glass dichroic optical properties. Multiple ultra-thin layers of different metals are fused together in a vacuum chamber. The finished glass can have as many as 30 to 50 layers of these materials. The coating that is created is very similar to a gemstone and, by careful control of thickness, an array of different colours are obtained.

Dichroic Glass Necklace with Bright Primary Colors

Primary colors!

18.00 inches
Primary colors