About This Piece

This necklace is composed of Flat Sea Beans and complimentd by red & gold wooden Bali beads.

Other necklaces with Sea Beans availalbe. Materials will vary.
Contact me at wagnersue@yahoo.com, please include your phone number.

NOTE: All necklaces are custom & handmade.

Flat Sea Beans

Flat Sea Beans grow in on vines with huge bean pods up to six feet long. They are called sea beans because the vines grow along freshwater streams where they are dropped, flow into the ocean and onto beaches. Sea beans have hard shells that resist the penetration of salt water and they contain air, which allows them to float. Flat Sea Beans are also known as“hamburger beans” because they look like minature hamburgers.

Flat Sea Bean Necklace with Bali Beads

Bali & Beans

18.00 inches
Brown, Red/Gold