About This Piece

This lovely Jasper pendant is in a neutral color but is anything but nuetral. It has a combination of stripes and circles - which some call eyes - that make a dramatic fashion statement. It is composed of Flat Sea Beans whose markings enhance and emphasize its color.


Jasper is a crystalline variety of quartz that contains up to 20% foreign material. This is what determines the stone’s multi-color, striped or spotted appearance. Almost any color can appear as stripes or bands in picture jasper. There can be as few as just two colors, or up to 11 or more colors variations.

Flat Sea Beans

Flat Sea Beans grow in on vines with huge bean pods up to six feet long. They are called sea beans because the vines grow along freshwater streams where they are dropped, flow into the ocean and onto beaches. Sea beans have hard shells that resist the penetration of salt water and they contain air, which allows them to float. Flat Sea Beans are also known as“hamburger beans” because they look like minature hamburgers.

Jasper & Flat Sea Bean Necklace

Jasper anyone?

18.00 inches
Neutral, brown