About This Piece

This stunning textured lava rock pendant is complimented by the substantial Jasper stones in multi-colored shades of gray and black. Use of smaller black & gray Jasper nuggets and multiple silver spacer beads to dramatize the markings of the lovely stones. It is on a strong elastic jewelry cord which goes over your head. No hassle with clasps!

Note: All necklaces are custom & handmade.


Jasper is a crystalline variety of quartz that contains up to 20% foreign material. This is what determines the stone’s multi-color, striped or spotted appearance. Almost any color can appear as stripes or bands in picture jasper. There can be as few as just two colors, or up to 11 or more colors variations.

Lava Rock

Lava is molten rock expelled by a volcano during eruption. When first expelled from a volcanic vent, it has liquid temperatures from 1,300 to 2,200 degrees. Lava Rock is protected by Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and all of my lava rock has been approved for commercial purposes.

Necklace with Lava Rock Pendant & Jasper Beads

Lava & Jasper a stunning combination!

18.00 inches
Various shades of gray