About This Piece

This necklace has a loveley unpolished Charlevois Fabosite pendant with black, bronze & gold wire beads. It's contemporary design has clear & pewter colored separator beads with matching wire earrings.

Earrings $12

All necklaces are custom & handmade.
Other designs of Favosite Stone necklaces are available. Materials will vary. Contact me at wagnersue@yahoo.com & please include your phone number.

Charlevoix MI Favosite Stone

Like Petoskey Stones, Favosite found in Charlevoix, MI was living coral approximately 350 million years ago. At that point in time, Michigan was covered by a warm shallow sea that was literally teaming with different sea life. Favosite coral is fossilized in limestone (giving the fossils the typical grey color).

Necklace with Fabosite Pendant & Wire Beads

Fabasite is fabulous!

18.00 inches
Brown, black, copper, gold