About This Piece

Nature meets metal with the distinctive Petoskey Stone pendant and tri-colored metal beads. It's contemporary design shines! It's clasp is decorative and easy to latch.

NOTE: All necklaces are custom & handmade.
Other designs of Petoskey Stone necklaces are available. Materials will vary. Contact me at wagnersue@yahoo.com, please include your phone number.

Michigan Petoskey Stones

Michigan's state stone, the Petoskey Stone, is revered for its intricate honeycomb pattern made of calicite which are fragments of coral from 350 million years ago. When the stone is wet or polished, it's distinctive pattern of coral fossils emerge. Petoskey stones are found mostly in Petoskey & northern parts of Michigan.

Petoskey Stone Necklace with Tri-Colored Metal Beads

This stone & metal dazzles!

18.00 inches
Shades of brown & metal