About This Piece

SOLD Pendant available. Beads will vary. Bracelet is SOLD.

For more information about jewelry with semi-precious stones, contact me at wagnersue@yahoo.com, please include your phone number.

Large Octagonal Russian Serpentine pendant with matching translucent glass & silver beads. It is on a strong nylon cord that goes over the head. No hassle with clasps. Materials will vary.

NOTE: Every necklace is custom & handmade.

Russian Serpentine

Russian Serpentine ranges from light to dark green to whitish green in color and its name comes from the Latin meaning of "serpent rock." Rasputin was said to have requested an entire dinner set be created for him by the Czar & Czarina of Russia as a favor for saving the life of their son. The United Nations building in New York has architecture featuring Russian Serpentine .

Russian Serpentine Necklace

Lovely green Serpentine!

18.00 inches