About This Piece

This magnetic Magnatite necklace features a gorgeous silver Tree of Life pendant with bright slate gray silver spacer beads. Magnatite is the magnetic form of Hematite. It is believed to have healing properties.

The necklace is strung on a strong nylon cord that is finished at the nape of the neck with small silver beads that form a collar. No hassle with clasps. For other Hematite jewelry contact me at wagnersue@yahoo.com & please include your phone number.

NOTE: Every necklace is custom & handmade.


Hematit is a mineral, not rock, as are most gemstones. Grey Hematite is found in places where there is standing water, such as those in Yellowstone. NASA astronauts have found presence of Hematite on Mars which indicates there may have been water there at some time. Magnetite, a form of Hematite, is worn by millions of people across the globe to manage pain including arthritis and other chronic conditions. Some believe the magnets can influence general health & wellness, relieve stress & everyday fatigue.

Tree of Life Magnetite Necklace

Magnatite heals

18.00 inches
Silver & Slate