About This Piece

These earrings consist of three Turquoise nuggest separated by small siver beads. They have leverback earring fasteners.

These and other jewelry available at
Katalyst Gallery
1214 Turner Street
Old Town Lansing, MI

Note: All jewelry is custom & handmade. Materials may vary. Many other earrings are availble, including those that match other jewelry on this website. Contact me at wagnersue@yahoo.com. Please leave your phone number.


Turquoise has many shades of colors. The Native American Jewelry or "Indian style" jewelry with turquoise mounted in or with silver is described as "Spiderweb" Turquoise. The name alludes to a pattern of tracings of color due to infillings of another mineral--iron oxide. Turquoise depends on the whims of nature for its formation. It is found only in or near copper deposits, as it depends on the presence of copper ions for its formation.

Turquoise Earrings

These nuggets will go with everything you own.

Turquoise & silver