About This Piece

This dramatic necklace is made from undendangered Coral. The large round salmon-colored pendant is complimented with matching Coral and Zebra Jasper beads. It is made of strong stretchy jewelry cord to put over your head. No hassle with clasps.

Necklaces with other semi-precious stones are available. Contact me at wagnersue@yahoo.com, please include your phone number.

NOTE: This necklace is custom & handmade.

Undandagerd Coral

Gem corals are hard, underwater, organically-produced tree-like structures found attached to sea floors. Unlike other corals, the Sponge Coral "homes" rarely grow shut. Colors range from red hues such as pale pink or salmon all of the way to deep dark red. Red coral is not an endangered species. All entries of coral must be cleared by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

Unendangered Coral Necklace

Coral makes a bold statement!

18.00 inches