About This Piece

My fashion-forward, popular WingNut collection will make a bold statement about your individuality. It is sure to be conversation starter. Women love waiting to see how long it will take others to recognize it as hardware. The necklace is strung on a wire with easy to use clasp. The bracelet is on a strong nylon cord with no clasp. Leverback earrings are comfortable & easy on the ears.

Set $75
Necklace $50
Bracelet $20
Earrings $5

Bracelet is strung on strong stretchy jewelry cord. Earrings are Leverback.

Hardwear Collection

HardWear is my new line of bold re-purposed jewelry made from hardware & recycled materials. My most popular collection is the distinctive WingNut necklaces, bracelets & earrings. Other components consists nuts & springs of all sizes, grommets, windshield wiper tubing, etc. Pendants are made of springs, pullies, padlocks, brackets, lockets, hooks, slag & other funky stuff.

WingNut Set

WingNuts are not just hardware any more!

18.00 inches