Topic “Bracelet”

Buri Palm Seed Bracelet

This Buri Palm seed bracelet has a fish bead for added charm.

Black & White Wooden Bracelet

This spunky bracelet is awash in black & white.

Pale Pink Bracelet

Pretty in pink

Turquoise Bracelet with Flower Bead

Turquoise bracelet with large beads

Turquoise Bracelet With Charm.

This turquoise bracelet will brighten any outfit.

Black & Red Kukui Nut Bracelet

This black Kukui nut bracelet has dyed Holitite for contrast.

Black & White Kukui Nut Bracelet with White Turquoise

This bracelet consists of natural black & white Kukui nuts with white Turquoise beads.

Black & White Kukui Nut Bracelet

Naturally Black & White

Hematite Bracelet

Dazzling Hematite
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